In today’s economy and tomorrow’s growth needs, your business needs every advantage that it can acquire. Owners are always looking for the most cost effective ways to grow their revenues, services, and employee knowledge, and keep up with the competition…all while servicing their customers to keep them happy.  To stay competitive, your employees need to be properly trained to deal with your customers and also be knowledgeable of your expectations.

Does Your Staff Know The…

Our Five Step Process Produces Results


The first step is to meet and discuss your needs.  Either in the comfort of your office or having a conversation over coffee at one of the local shops, we can start working together to address your issues and concerns.


Once partnered, we work with you or somebody on your team to identify the most effective way to train your employees.  Many options exist; together we will ensure the most effective platform is provided.


Through the training materials creation process, we work closely with you to ensure that what your employees need to learn and hear will be conveyed in the upcoming training sessions.  Not sure what they need?  Let us guide you through the process.


Working with the the schedule that you give to us, selected dates are locked down and your staff are brought in to training.  Our effective and fun training ensures that all attendees get involved, learn, and more importantly, retain what is presented.


Most managers (and some trainers) drop the ball on follow-up.  Not us.  We will continue to communicate with you and ensure that the message you want your staff to know, is actually being implemented.

Some Words From Those That Know

“Jeff is a loyal, committed professional that would be an asset to any organization that is focused on continual improvements. I could always count on Jeff to deliver on the dates that he had committed.”
Greg, VP of IT
“Jeff possesses the unique ability to implement training programs from conception to classroom, in order to meet company goals and training objectives. I always found his organizational skills to be second to none, and he always impressed me with his ability to effectively manage multiple projects and responsibilities simultaneously, while ensuring that company training objectives were met, and often under unbelievable time constraints.”
Jay, Technical Operations Supervisor
“Jeff has a very focused, yet patient demeanor when it comes to training employees. Whether in very large groups or in one-on-one trainings, He shows a level of unparalleled commitment to advancing the skills set of every employee he meets. Our customer service efficiencies have improved and our safety violations and injuries have been greatly reduced due to Jeff’s involvement.”
Lynn, HR Director
“I believe I have become a better manager due to Jeff’s knowledge and ability to train and that I have seen unparalleled improvement with my staff’s own abilities as a result of Jeff’s trainings.”
Kurtis, Director
“Jeff’s knowledge on training, his willingness to not only teach but further his career through education, and his customer service skills never ceased to amaze me…he managed and oversaw our onboarding process, we knew our employees were in good hands…”
Lindsay, Marketing Director
“Jeff makes even PowerPoint training fun, and my staff have had a blast learning while participating in his teambuilding activities. His development of a standard operating procedure (SOP) documentation system used by the department was brilliant and has been described by auditors as one of the best they have ever seen.”
Kurtis, Director

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