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One of the unpleasant things about business is that sometimes there comes a need to transition employees out of an organization.  A number of reasons could exist but usually the causes are internal restructuring, merger with another company, economic downturn, or the physical office location moving far away.  When one of these issues occur, some employees will need to be released.  This is not an easy process or time for anybody and the last thing you want to do is put your staff out without helping them establish a new direction in their careers.

Klamen Training & Development can work with you during these transition periods to ensure that your managers know how to approach the matter with the affected employees properly, safely and with the needed respect.  These soon-to-come discussions need to be done professionally and tactfully; while never easy, there are ways to make the process less painful for all those involved.

Even more importantly for those employees who will soon be leaving you, we help them adapt to their upcoming transition period and give them tools to be more quickly successful in moving forward with their careers.  Things have changed in the last few years in the job search market and we provide those persons with the knowledge of what it takes to find their next professional partnership.

5-Part Layoff Transition Process

At the first inclination that there may be a need for elimination of positions or any type of restructuring, it is time to develop a plan of action to ensure a smooth transition of events to potentially happen in the future. Even if you are unsure if you will need to implement such plan, it is better to have a process in place…just in case it is required later.

Klamen Training & Development can work with you on developing a transition plan. Whether you utilize us to assist in every component of the plan, parts of it, or just to help create the overall process, we can provide the assistance to make the upcoming practices as painless as possible.

Once it has been determined that layoffs are inevitable, it is time to put the change plan in process.

There are a number of functions that need to be performed prior to any release of employees. Decisions need to be made about the proper severance package to potentially distribute, return of previously provided equipment, the future support services to offer, and many other considerations prior to talking to the affected employees.

Sometimes employees have no previous knowledge that a layoff is about to occur to them and the employer needs to properly prepare the environment and the upcoming conversation. Decisions need to be made in what capacity the conversations will occur and who should be involved. Employees can respond with shock, despair, anger, or even violence. Preparing for the possible contingencies in advance will allow the process to go much more smoothly.

We provide pre-termination coaching to owners and managers so they can be prepared for the unknown reactions and questions that will arise in the upcoming meetings.

The hardest part during the entire process for everybody is the eventual conversation that needs to happen with the affected staff. Effective communication is paramount in maintaining control of the situation and meeting. So many of these conversations end up going badly when no preparation has been completed beforehand; an unnecessary level of anger and anxiety can be the result of not preparing for this meeting.

Klamen Training & Development can be involved to run or provide support for this type of employee meeting. If you are preparing to utilize our services to help your staff on their upcoming job search, it is imperative that we be involved to help lessen the emotional impact that your employees are feeling.

Your employees have worked hard for the business and now it is time for the business to work hard for those employees that are no longer employed. By offering post-employment services to your affected staff, you can help them move forward.

Klamen Training & Development offers many services to the affected employees. We can offer employers who wish to assist the staff that have been released affordable job-searching training packages.  Scan down further on this page to see how we can assist your impacted staff.

Once the layoffs have occurred, there remains one last component to the transition process that most companies do not think about. The uncertainty of current changes sometimes leaves your remaining employees feeling vulnerable…and productivity suffers greatly. It is common that staff that are uncertain of their futures are not able to focus on the future or needs of your business. How do you get your remaining staff back on track and regain control of the rampant emotions in the workplace?

Klamen Training & Development can help. We can show you the way to strengthen the morale of your remaining employees and boost their confidence after the transition has occurred. Show your staff that you value their service and that they are still your priority. We’ll show you the way.

Services For Your Affected Employees

The employees in your organization are your most valuable resource. Each person brings different qualities to your organization and most likely went above and beyond at times to further your business goals.  Some employees may have made past sacrifices in their own lives to help your business achieve past goals.

When the time comes that layoffs need to occur for these employees, you have the power to make the transition in their lives easier to manage.  Klamen Training & Development can design a employee-transition program that provides support in their upcoming employment search.  We have the knowledge to help your affected employees move past others in their search and to land a successful position.

Show your employees that you care about them as more than just labor for your business.  Provide the means and tools to them that allows them to continue their own professional growth in the future.

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The past few years have brought about a change to way the classic resume should be utilized. Regardless how you initially attracted your employees or what they presented to you about their professional work history, things have changed on what employers are looking for. New technology has been developed that many organizations now use to screen the many resumes that are received. How does an employee searching for work stand out?

We can show those in transition the new updated way to create and mold their resumes so that they have a better chance at moving higher on the sight picture of future potential employers. Keywords, design, and how to match their selves to job postings are all covered in our resume workshops.

The search for employment has moved from paper to data over the Internet. LinkedIn has become one of the strongest tools a person searching for work can utilize. Those that have recently lost their employment need to jump into the search with the most effective instruments possible and we can help. Klamen Training & Development knows what recruiters and companies are looking for from online job-search profiles. Subtle changes can move a person to the top of a potential employer’s view, thus providing more opportunities.

We can show your affected staff how to not only create a online presence, but how strengthen that tool to work best for them.

Over eighty percent (80%) of new employment is found through the process of networking. It’s simple….employers listen to their valuable resources, their employees, to find the best talent. Your employees that are leaving were valuable to you and we will show them how to utilize those around them to assist them in their future career.

We will show the employees how they actually have a very big network around them, even if they believe that they know very few people. Individuality is not a great tool when job searching. We’ll show your leaving staff how to identify the groups around them that are there to help.

During the job search, part of networking is finding those elite support groups and organizations that can actually assist with finding employment. These groups go beyond helping locating a job though…they are there to help the unemployed in all facets of their life. From free medical and dental care, to assistance with monthly bills and handling the mortgage needs, there exists many resources in the community to help those in transition.

Things can get rough when a person becomes unemployed. We all know this. Provide your affected staff with the resources to help them as they start the process of moving forward with their careers.

From an initial coaching session to long-term guidance. Klamen Training & Development can assist your employees along their entire path of unemployment until they find their next employer. We offer affordable and scalable Employment Coaching & Counseling programs that you can partially or completely fund for your departing employees.

During this transition period, employment counseling services helps provide hope, direction, and a daily focus to those in need on finding employment. Show your employees that even though they no longer will be working for you, that you care enough about them to help them along their transition journey. Klamen Training & Development removes the stigma that sometimes is associated with being unemployed and offers comfortable and confidential help to those in need.

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Support your employees even during a transition.

Your employees served you well but business decisions mandate the release of at least a few of your treasured staff. Give them the support to transition to their next position as a show of appreciation and respect for their past work. We can help your affected staff migrate to their next position as painlessly as possible.
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