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Klamen Training & Development Referral Program Terms & Conditions

There is no limit to the number of referrals allowed.  A referrer will receive a referral reward for EACH NEW CLIENT that completes the following four actions, in the exact order:

  1. Names the referrer as their referring source;
  2. contracts with Klamen Training & Development to provide services;
  3. successfully completes a payment-required services session; and
  4. makes a complete payment of services of their first invoice.

Current Rewards schedules are shown on  A Referring Client may receive their Rewards choice of services credit or a gift card per one of the listed schedules.  A Referring Non-Client may only receive a gift card per the listed schedule. Service credit rewards will become available within forty-eight (48) hours of new client’s valid payment of services. Referral gift card will be mailed within fourteen (14) days of such payment for a Referring Client and within thirty (30) days of such payment for a  Referring Non-Client.  All rewards will be provided upon successful receipt of a new client’s complete payment for their first invoice.  Rewards are only provided from a new client’s first paid invoice and will not apply to any future invoices for the same client.

When two or more referrers makes a referral for the same new client as described herewith in, Klamen Training & Development will issue the referral reward to the referrer that we become aware of first.  New client must mention any referrer before agreeing to receive services from Klamen Training & Development in order for a referrer to receive any reward.  Higher rewards activate for each non-client once they make due payment of their first invoice, at which time they are upgraded to be eligible for Client Rewards.  Rewards cannot be applied to previously purchased or currently contracted services.

We reserve the exclusive right to substitute gift cards for payment by check or other financial instrument.  To comply with IRS reporting guidelines, all referrers are required to complete our required paperwork prior to receiving any rewards.  Accrued rewards of six hundred dollars or more per calendar year require us to comply with IRS regulations.  Referrers or their assigns are responsible for payment of any taxes associated with this program.

Klamen Training & Development reserves the right to make changes to or terminate this program at any time for any reason without notice outside of this particular web page.  This web page shall be considered the sole valid source of information regarding this program.  If you have questions about this program, please contact us.